Computer Networking 2008

2nd Year Grenoble INP - Ensimag
Telecom and CSE

Welcome to the Computer Networking course. This document is regularly updated to reflect the schedule and the current course material. The purpose of the lecture is to give you a sound understanding of computer networking with a strong emphasis on TCP/IP. Both theoretical and practical knowledge should be acquired.


The lecture is every Friday 8:15-11:15AM (starting on September 12) in Auditorium H (in English) and in Auditorium D (en français).

Networking Lab also starts on October 13 at 2PM in rooms D200 and D201: all you need to know about the Networking Lab, in French.

Lecture notes and Calendar


Computer Networking differs from other courses such as systems or programming. To give you a feeling of what knowledge is expected to be acquired during this course, I prepared checkup lists. The goal is to enable you to go over a chosen topic and check what kind of contents you will be required to learn. Each list has three items: Concepts to know what are the basic elements and general notions, Operation to know how the elements interact, cooperate, or function, and finally Vocabulary - you should be able to understand each term, e.g. explain it in a short sentence. The final exam will test whether you have acquired such knowledge.

Here are two checkup lists on chosen subjects - DNS and IP:


The course is based on the following textbook available in French and in English:

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Andrzej Duda