PhD Position in IoT - Wireless Sensor Networking 

STMicroelectronics and Grenoble INP/LIG Laboratory invite applications for a CIFRE PhD Student position (36 months):

Interoperability in Multi-Protocol Wireless Sensor Newtorks

Whereas current wireless sensor circuits focus on a single radio technology, there is an emerging trend to provide versatile circuits that can switch between different types of wireless networks, e.g. 802.15.4 and BLE, or to integrate on the same board other radio systems like LoRa.

In this context, the research of the thesis will focus on taking advantage of this diversity. One idea is to switch from one technology to the other depending on the type of traffic (control routing packets vs. user data packets, or flows with different QoS requirements). Another idea to explore would be to relay traffic locally using a short-range technology and keep the long range link at a low duty cycling ratio, to benefit from diversity.

The thesis requires competence in wireless networks and existing building blocks, namely, IEEE 802.15.4 PHY and MAC layers, BLE, routing protocols for wireless sensor networks, open software such as the Contiki stack. The project will involve the Drakkar research group.

Pay Grade: 1st year 2270, 2nd year 2490, 3rd year 2700 euros gross.

Applicants should send a detailed curriculum and the names of 2 references to:

Closing date for applications: March 27th, 2017. Once the candidate is selected, we will submit an application to ANRT for funding according to the CIFRE mechanism, which roughly takes 3 months. Expected starting date: June or September, 2017.

Andrzej Duda