PhD Student Position in Security of Wireless Sensor Networks 

Grenoble INP and LIG Laboratory invite applications for CIFRE PhD Student position (36 months):

  • Secured communications in GreenNets, energy harvested wireless sensor networks

    GreenNet nodes are composed of STM32 ULP microprocessors, 2.4Ghz radio, and various MEMS sensors. The nodes communicate over a wireless channel and form a multi-hop network. They harvest their energy by means of a photovoltaic cell. The protocol stack needs to take into account this requirement by close coupling with the underlying hardware to obtain the right balance between consumed and harvested energy. The small size of the nodes and the distributed nature of the network make it vulnerable because it is relatively easy to physically grasp and control at least one node in the network. So, security has to be addressed at all protocol levels starting from from the physical one, up to the TCP/IP transport level. Nodes are likely to have hardware support for encryption, decryption, and integrity check processing. The software above the link layer can use the hardware support. The goal of the thesis is to design and implement a consistent security solution for the deployable GreenNet technology.

    The thesis requires competence in existing building blocks, namely, IEEE 802.15.4 PHY and MAC layers, routing protocols for wireless sensor networks, open software such as Contiki Operating System, as well as a strong background in security.

Pay Grade: 1st year 2270, 2nd year 2490, 3rd year 2700 euros gross.

Applicants should send a detailed curriculum and the names of 3 references to

Closing date for applications: June 15th, 2012. Expected starting date: Ocrober 1, 2012.

Andrzej Duda